7 hibiscus tea health benefits you should know about

7 hibiscus tea health benefits you should know about

7 hibiscus tea health benefits you should know about

Okay, it's not exactly new-hibiscus tea has been sipped around the world for years. But the herbal tea only more recently became a darling in the Western wellness world.

Sure, you know that tea is good for you, especially green and black, but there’s a new tea in town-hibiscus.

Okay, it’s not exactly new-hibiscus tea has been sipped around the world for years. But the herbal tea only more recently became a darling in the Western wellness world.

It’s made from the hibiscus flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa). Once seeped, the brightly colored tropical flower lends a deep red hue to your cup, and it can be prepared hot or iced. (Just FYI, the tea is naturally pretty tart.)

Hibiscus tea is totally fine to drink daily, says Emily Kyle, registered dietitian nutritionist. Just be sure to check in with your healthcare provider to see if drinking the tea on the reg is in line with your health goals. (You’ll understand why in a minute.)

If you’re curious if this popular herbal tea may be for you, here’s what you need to know about the health benefits of hibiscus tea.

1. Hibiscus tea may lower blood pressure…

One of hibiscus tea’s biggest claims to fame is its ability to help lower blood pressure-and research backs up this theory. In a study published by The Journal of Nutrition, adults with hypertension (high blood pressure) who consumed three servings (720 mL) of hibiscus tea on a daily basis saw a decrease in their overall blood pressure. (Keep in mind, this was a small study of 65 participants.)

Another review of past hibiscus tea studies found that drinking this herbal tea lowered systolic and diastolic blood pressure by an average of 7.58 mmHg and 3.53 mmHg, respectively.

But be sure to talk to your doctor before you turn to hibiscus tea as treatment, especially if you’re taking blood pressure meds like hydrochlorothiazide. “This tea can also cause systolic blood pressure levels to drop to unsafe levels, which can be troublesome if taking medications to manage hypertension or low blood pressure,” says Georgia Rounder, registered dietitian nutritionist.

2. …and cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Another benefit of drinking hibiscus tea: It may help keep your cholesterol levels in check (and your heart and blood vessels healthy), says Rounder. In a small study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, scientists found that drinking a serving of this tea two times daily for one month reduced total cholesterol levels among diabetes patients-including LDL cholesterol, a.k.a. the “bad” kind-and triglyceride levels while boosting levels of HDL cholesterol, the “good” kind.

3. It keeps your digestion running smoothly.

You know that hydration is the key to keeping your digestive system happy, and hibiscus tea just might give it an extra boost. “This herbal tea variety may also function as a natural diuretic, helping to remove both water and sodium from the body, contributing to normal urination, bowel movements,” says Rounder.

So go ahead and add it to your hydration game-just don’t go overboard, says Rounder. “Adults shouldn’t exceed over two quarts per day of hibiscus tea, and one quart per day for children. Pregnant women should not consume more than one liter per day,” she says, because of the tea’s aluminum and manganese content. Going overboard with manganese can cause weird side effects like shakiness, according to the CDC, and super-high levels of aluminum have been associated with a higher risk of certain diseases like Alzheimer’s, studies show.

Another review of studies published in Fitoterapia, found that consuming hibiscus in excessive amounts may cause liver damage in humans.

But yeah, as long as you don’t drink hibiscus tea every waking hour of the day…you’re probably fine.

4. Hibiscus tea helps keep your immune system healthy

Along with washing your hands religiously and getting a flu shot, this herbal tea may help you ward off winter sickness. “Hibiscus tea is high in Vitamin C, a key vitamin that helps support a healthy immune system,” says Rounder.

5. Hibiscus tea may support your weight-loss goals

“There have been some studies that suggest that hibiscus may have the ability to aid in weight loss,” she says. One study found that taking hibiscus extract for 12 weeks resulted in lower body weight, abdominal fat, and BMI in overweight/obese individuals.

It’s important to keep in mind that this study uses hibiscus extract, which is more concentrated than the tea. While you may see similar benefits by sipping the tea, they’ll likely be on a smaller scale. (One serving of the extract equals about six servings of tea.)

6. Hibiscus tea may tame inflammation

Fruits and veggies aren’t the only way to get your daily dose of antioxidants. Hibiscus tea is also full of phytochemicals like polyphenols and anthocyanin, according to a study published in the journal Fitoterapia. These compounds can help lower inflammation in the body, which, when out of control, can increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and arthritis.

7. Hibiscus tea may improve liver health

Kyle says that some studies have found that hibiscus may promote liver health. One 2014 study found that taking hibiscus extract for 12 weeks improved liver steatosis-a.k.a. fatty liver disease, a serious condition that can lead to liver failure-in overweight individuals.

Again, this research used hibiscus extract versus the tea, and just drinking the fruity beverage likely won’t have the same dramatic impact, says Kyle. So, sip wisely.

Five common teas with great health benefits

Five common teas with great health benefits

Five common teas with great health benefits

Five common teas with great health benefits

Like black tea, chamomile tea can also heal skin conditions, cuts and wounds.

With the rainy season setting in, warming up with a hot cup of tea may provide more health benefits than just regulating body temperature.

Black tea

This tea may be the most common tea available in Indonesia, as most tea plantations grow black tea.

Rich in flavonoids (plant chemicals that fight inflammation), this tea may help relieve symptoms of an allergic reaction. Weight loss is also a possible benefit, as it is found that black tea may increase good bacteria in the body’s digestive system.

According to Reader’s Digest, black tea has other additional non-drinking related benefits, such as mending cuts and scrapes, killing foot odor, improving gum health, helping with eye irritation and healing cold sores, among other things.

Green tea

Another tea named after a color that is also fairly easy to acquire in any part of Southeast Asia is green tea.

This tea contains an antioxidant compound called catechin. According to Livestrong, a few cups of green tea a day, typically three cups a day, is recommended as it provides 240 to 320 milligrams of active antioxidant compounds.

According to Healthline, green tea can help burn fat and improve physical performance by boosting metabolic rates. Other benefits include possibly lowering the risk of developing breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer, among other benefits.


The chamomile flower grows naturally in several places in the world; making it one of the most common and easy-to-obtain teas, especially in parts of Asia, Europe, Australia and North America.

According to NDTV, an aromatic chemical compound called chamazulene can be found in the flower used in this tea. This chemical boasts analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties.

The scent of Chamomile is known to help one relax, but drinking the tea may also greatly promote sleep and could possibly help treat insomnia, colds, reduce muscle and menstrual pains and helps soothe stomach aches. Like black tea, chamomile tea can also heal skin conditions, cuts and wounds.


This tropical flower grows naturally in parts of South East Asia and comes in many species. This plant is also known as mallow or rose mallow and other names in many parts of the world. Teas made from this flower are known to have a citrus taste, and can be used in many things other than tea such as homemade shampoo and in cooking.

According to Medical News Today, hibiscus tea can be used to decrease body temperature, regulate high blood pressure, soothe a sore throat and help treat the effects of heart disease.


Another very common tea in Europe and Asia, flavored after a popular Christmas candy also comes with helpful benefits. Like other teas on this list, consumption of peppermint tea can help with indigestion.

According to Healthline, the menthols, menthone and limonene found in peppermint have more to them than just their cooling effects and minty scent often used in everything from candies and gum to toothpaste. It can help relieve migraines and other forms of headaches, due to the fact that it is a muscle relaxant and pain reliever.

Peppermint is also known for being able to unclog mucus-filled sinuses when you have a cold, and may help ease the pain of menstrual cramps.

Teas are well-known to be a distinct part of many cultures and can provide much-needed relief during a long day at work, or as a treat for a wind-down with family or friends. It is also helpful that they can also be easily found in almost any store and supermarket.

5 hibiscus tea benefit

Hibiscus tea benefits

5 Benefits Of Hibiscus Tea

  1. Prevents Hypertension
  2. Lowers Cholesterol Levels
  3. Brings Down Blood Sugar Levels
  4. Keeps Your Liver Healthy
  5. Treats Menstrual Cramps

1 Prevents Hypertension

Do you have episodes of tipsiness and sudden ascent in your temper? Time to get your circulatory strain checked. On the off chance that the dimensions are high, have Hibiscus tea to bring down your BP. Hibiscus tea is known to diminish the danger of hypertension.

For what reason Does It Work

Clinical preliminaries as well as logical investigations too bolster the case. Hibiscus tea helped bring down the odds of hypertension even in sound individuals (1). In any case, when these sound individuals quit drinking the tea, they saw their pulse spike. The tests on hibiscus tea are in the fundamental stage, and any end would require further examination. This impact of hibiscus tea on hypertension is likewise in light of the fact that it has calming and diuretic properties. Be that as it may, for it to work legitimately, you need to expend three mugs every day for fourteen days.

2 Lowers Cholesterol Levels

In the present quick paced life, we can see a greater part of the populace fighting cholesterol-related medical issues, the most widely recognized being rising dimensions of LDL-cholesterol. No big surprise then that We get the opportunity to see numerous business advertisements advancing sans cholesterol eatables. Be that as it may, having hibiscus tea can help. Read on to know how.

For what reason Does It Work

This tea is brimming with cell reinforcements that assistance in bringing down LDL or also called the awful cholesterol in the body. This, thusly, cuts down the danger of heart assaults, strokes, and additionally any of the cardiovascular illnesses.

3 Brings Down Blood Sugar Levels

Hibiscus tea is additionally a gift to the individuals who have Type-II diabetes. We as a whole realize that diabetes can be lethal now and again. Be that as it may, did you realize this tea can encourage your case?

For what reason Does It Work

Hibiscus tea has hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic properties that cut down the dimensions of glucose.

4 Keeps Your Liver Healthy

We as a whole know the significance of liver in our body. Any liver related issues can toss your life out of rigging. Is there help nearby? Positively. Read on to know.

For what reason Does It Work

All things considered, it’s again crafted by cancer prevention agents present in this beverage that kill free radicals in your body, tissues, and cells. Subsequently our liver is all around shielded from these scroungers.

5 Treats Menstrual Cramps

Drinking warm tea alleviates the difficult menstrual spasms. Be that as it may, update your toast hibiscus tea for moment alleviation.

For what reason Does It Work

Hibiscus tea is a surprisingly positive development for us ladies. Hibiscus tea can adjust your hormones, along these lines facilitating the spasms and battling a few other medical problems amid monthly cycle including emotional episodes and indulging

Hibiscus tea benefits
Hibiscus tea benefits


How to Make Hibiscus Hot Tea?

How to Make Hibiscus Hot Tea?

Hot Hibiscus Tea
Makes 1 quart

  • 2 teaspoons (10 ml) dried hibiscus flowers
  • Boiling water
  • Honey, sugar, or your preferred sweetener (to taste)
  • Tea bag (optional)
  • Cinnamon stick (optional)
  • Mint leaves (optional)
  • Lime wedge (optional)

In case you’re hoping to rethink exemplary tea formulas, have a go at utilizing hibiscus! The dried blooms of this plant make a tea with an unmistakable red shading and a fairly tart, lemony taste. The best part is that some proof hibiscus can battle high blood pressure.[1] Dried hibiscus can be acquired from well being nourishment stores and online dealers, yet in the event that you have it in your garden, you can even pick it and make tea-prepared dried blooms yourself.

1. Set a pot of water on the stove to bubble. While you’re trusting that it will warm up, you can prepared your different fixings and wipe out the tea kettle you’ll be utilizing.

See our manual for bubbling water for stove and microwave proposals.

2. Put the dried hibiscus blossoms into a vacant tea kettle. The formula calls for around 2 teaspoons (10 ml), yet you can utilize pretty much as required for a more grounded or weaker flavor.

Hibiscus does not contain caffeine, so including a ton won’t give you a sudden “shock” of vitality.

3. Empty the bubbling water into the tea kettle. Fill the tea kettle to the overflow (or basically include as much as you intend to drink).

Utilize stove gloves or potentially a tea warmer to shield yourself from consumes here. Pour the water gradually and consistently to abstain from sprinkling.

4. For juiced tea, add a tea pack to the water. As noted above, hibiscus tea doesn’t have any caffeine all alone. On the off chance that you’d get a kick out of the chance to get some vitality from the tea (or on the off chance that you simply like the taste), you can deliberately include a sack of your favored energized tea to the boiling water now. Hibiscus tea tastes incredible all alone, in any case.

For additional caffeine, include different packs.

5. Leave the tea to soak for five minutes. This is the simple part — you should simply pause. Around five minutes ought to be sufficiently long for the blooms to give the water a to some degree tart taste and a charming red shading. Give the tea a chance to soak longer for a more grounded flavor. Give it a chance to soak for less time on the off chance that you need a weaker flavor.

6. Strain the tea as you pour it. Presently, you simply need to get the blooms out. In the event that your tea kettle does not have a worked in channel or work, empty the tea into your container through a fine metal strainer. After all other options have been exhausted, you can likewise utilize a paper espresso channel.

You can likewise just leave the hibiscus leaves in the tea in the event that you like. They won’t harmed you — there is no current proof that they are toxic in any capacity.

7. Improve the tea as wanted. Your tea is presently prepared to appreciate. On the off chance that you like, you can include as quite a bit of your favored sugar as you need (or none by any stretch of the imagination). The smooth, sweet taste of nectar runs particularly well with the pungency of hibiscus. Sugar and zero-calorie sugars are likewise great decisions.

8. Include cinnamon, mint, or lime wedge as embellishment. In the event that you need to give your tea a touch of “something additional,” attempt one of these trimmings (or each of the three). The flavor and fragrance of these substances supplement hibiscus tea for three diverse delectable blends.

In case you’re utilizing mint, lay the leaves confront up in the palm of your hand and give them a slap by applauding together. This is a strategy utilized by barkeeps in beverages like mojitos to discharge the flavor and smell of the mint.How to make hibiscus tea

Is it Possible to Shrink Fat Cells?

Consider the possibility that I revealed to you that there is an approach to physically recoil your fat cells. Incalculable items

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Tea has numerous advantages, for the body, stress and vitality levels, and even in the counteractive action of

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All the more as of late,

red tea

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, is a red bramble from South Africa. The leaves are utilized once matured in the tea’s

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My formula, as included in the

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Research has demonstrated that segments found in the rooibos plant, for example, polyphenols and

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Different mixes, for example, green tea, albeit wealthy in cell reinforcements, don’t have a similar effect

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The Power of Late-Night Snacking

You’re gazing at your PC screen with fatigued eyes. Supper has gone back and forth, however that

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Right off the bat – it’s vital to take note of that

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Try not to be embarrassed

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But let’s talk about the late-night secret. It’s simple. And easy. Are you ready for it?
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My go-to is the always delicious, always sufficient
Red Tea
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Why red tea is better than green tea

Green tea has for quite some time been recognized for its wellbeing and health benefits, including weight

misfortune help. The proof is unquestionable. Be that as it may, would we say we are ignoring something better?

The facts confirm that green tea contains ground-breaking cancer prevention agents. These segments add to

limiting wellbeing dangers, for example, malignancy and cardiovascular malady.

As a Weight reduction Master, it has been my essential objective to share useful hints and traps for

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match –



Rooibos, otherwise called red tea, is similarly high in cell reinforcements, anyway sourced from

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fat creation, push, and repress metabolic clutters.

After the consequences of ongoing investigations, nearby my own discoveries identified with the significant players

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illness, diabetes, Alzheimer’s

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This year I started the creation of my

Red Tea Detox

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Rooibos implies red bramble. The plant is promptly accessible, with leaves that turn red upon

The Red Tea Detox Article


aging. With such a great amount of potential to help with our wellbeing and health ventures, I

thought of it as wrong to disregard the quality of the plant.

In contrast to green tea, red tea does not contain caffeine, and along these lines drinking the mix around evening time

won’t abandon you anxious.

Another factor of its definitive prevalence is just – taste. The harshness of green tea is regularly

ascribed to its high tannin content, which is less common in red tea.

Numerous wellbeing items don’t expect to overcome any issues among grown-ups and youthful youngsters,

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